Balance is an art

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If you haven’t seen these astonishing rock balancing arts or something similar, you are probably out. Michael Grab is a top artist in this art, which he calls gravity glue. All you need to do is to take the gravity to balance the rocks to achieve equilibrium, like you have glued them together.  Here are some amazing rock balance works.Balance is an art 1 Balance is an art 2Balance is an art 3Balance is an art 4Balance is an art 5

You probably think they are Photoshopped. Well, here is a video demonstration.

And more pictures

Balance is an art 6Balance is an art 7Balance is an art 8Balance is an art 9Balance is an art 10Balance is an art 11

Where am I taking this to? Fine balance does not only create eye-catching art, but also makes awesome products. One company named Malagana actually designs what they call equilibrium bookcases. Very inspirational, isn’t it?

Balance is an artBalance is an art 12

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