8 Creative DIY Projects With Junk Around Your Home

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Junks your home become treasures if you are creative. Don’t worry even you don’t think you are creative. We have gathered around some really creative DIY projects to get you inspired. You are now standing on the shoulders of giants. Check these cool DIY projects out and let us know how you like them.

Non-Toxic Paints

Make these colorful non-toxic paints with ingredients in almost every household. No more commercial paints!

Skinny Ties

Recycle those out-of-style ties into stylish skinny ties.


Zipper Band

What about turning a zipper into a zipper headband?


Message Board

The old window pane from the junk pile has a new live as a chalkboard.


Cake Pan Snowman

Give a surprise to your kids with this snowman re-purposed from old cake pans.


Cassette Pen Holder

Those old and useless cassettes are perfect for this cool desk organizer.


Chain Necklace Scarf

Old chain + used scarf = a fashionable necklace.


Altoids Tin Candle

Save those empty Altoids tins to make emergency portable candles.


Fun Denim Christmas Stocking

Or turn those worn denim jeans into fun Christmas stocking.

DIY fun Christmas stocking

Which project do you find interesting? Please tell us in the comments below.

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