12 Signs Show That You Are A Coffee Addict

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How addictive are you to coffee? Here are 12 signs to show that you are a coffee addict. You must be a coffee lover if you do up to half of these things. If you do more than half, well, you might be a coffee addict.

1. You know how to use a Keurig coffee maker

Being able to use a Keurig coffee maker is really just a qualifier.

How To Use A Keurig Coffee Maker 1

2. You have read such coffee books as James Hoffmann’s The World Atlas of Coffee


3. You use a Self Stirring Mug to make your perfect coffee mix.

self stirring mug

4. You want your coffee to be perfect, so you use something like Sugar Dots.


5. You know such new staff about coffee as KeepCup


 6. You have something to show that you like coffee… such as this DIY Coffee Lover Necklace.

DIY coffee lover necklace

7. You have your dedicated Coffee Cuff instead of those paper coffee cozies just for one time use.


 8. You want to be soaked with coffee even when you are in bath, so you come up with your own Mocha Soap.


9. You made your own Coffee Bar at home.


10. You own the Largest Coffee Cup in the world.


11. You have many empty coffee cans to make beautiful DIY Coffee Can Lanterns.


12. You subscribe to such program as Gourmet coffee of the month club.

gourmet coffee club

How many do you do?

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