12 Interesting Facts About Food That You Should Know

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We depend on food, but how much do you know about the food you eat? Our editors have gathered 12 interesting facts about food that you may want to know. For example, I love cheese, but do you know that cheese is the most shoplifted food in the world? You may wonder why, right? Me too. Another one: Honey does not expire for over 3,000 years! Keep reading all 12 interesting facts about food.

1.Too much “Can Food” causes acne. Sounds reasonable to me!

2.In Oklahoma “Watermelon” is known as state’s vegetable.

Image: Flickr/avlxyz
Image: Flickr/avlxyz

3.Brazil’s most favorite “Pizza” topping is green peas.

4.100% Orange juices in stores are 100% artificially flavored.

5.At a time, Chocolate was a currency. Can I buy chocolate with chocolate?

6.Coconut water can also work as blood plasma!

Image: Flickr/James
Image: Flickr/James

7.Every second 75 hamburgers are sold everyday at McDonald’s.

8.Bananas can help you relief depression.

Image: Flickr/Nick Perla
Image: Flickr/Nick Perla

9.Honey is collected from nectar and bee vomit.

10.Apple contains 25% of air in its volume and can float in water.

11.Purple Carrots are used the most.

Image: Carpe Durham
Image: Carpe Durham

12.Three plates of Chinese Buffet can give you over 3,000 calories.

Which food fact do you find interesting? Tell us more in the comments below.

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