10 Weird Things You Can Buy On Amazon

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Weird Things You Can Buy On Amazon

Amazon has become so big. You can almost buy anything on Amazon. I was browsing through Amazon the other day and found some weird things. Really, here are 10 weird things you can buy on Amazon.

The Selfie

Have trouble taking selfie?

You can get The Selfie to help.


Face-Butt Towel

This face-butt towel helps you remember each side of the towel. No more confusion or embarrassment. But it is still weird, isn’t it?


Spandex Body Suit

Want to look different? This awesome full body suit can make you… a devil?


Wolf Urine

I read it twice to make sure I read it right. Yes! It’s 100% pure wolf urine. You have to read the reviews. They are hilarious.


Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank

A weird but real tank. Don’t get surprised if you see one at your friend’s place. I told you some was buying it from Amazon.


Cereal Marshmallows 8 Pounds

I am not going to tell why this is weird. Read the reviews and tell us why this one is weird…


Obama Printer Toilet Paper

Our president is popular!


A Big Can of Ladybugs … Live!

1,500 live ladybugs are on sale on Amazon. That’s a lot of ladybugs! … I guess now I know what to do with the ants around my house ☺


Set of 100 Million Dollar Bills

Wish my bank will accept them for my mortgage payment!


English as a Second F*cking Language

It is f*cking weird, but your will laugh your a** off! I don’t want to say more. Go read the reviews yourself…


Which one do you think is the most weird one? or do you find something weird on Amazon?

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